What is Home Styling?


Why Harmonia At Home?

Treasure Your Home For Years To Come

By Making It Look Good And More Functional For Your Family

Where to from here?

With some ideas on what your requirements, timeframes and budget may be, contact Harmonia At Home via email or phone for an initial obligation free discussion to help determine what solution might be right for you. Once the right solution has been determined, Harmonia At Home will email you a quote for you to review and decide whether you would like to proceed.


To help you determine how much help you may or may not require, below is a set of suggestions Harmonia At Home would typically make when viewing a home and a range of solutions (but not limited to) on offer.  Remember, the idea is to tailor a solution around your requirements, within your timeframes that will meet your budget, so consider the below and let Harmonia At Home help you take the next step.

Typical suggestions made by Harmonia At Home include:

  1. What existing items could stay - the OLD

  2. What existing items could go

  3. What existing items could be repositioned

  4. What replacement / additional items could be purchased - the NEW

  5. What layout changes could be implemented

  6. What colour theme / design could be introduced

  7. What repairs / maintenance could be executed


Range of Home Styling solutions offered by Harmonia At Home starting from just $189:


Do-It-Yourself Home Styling (Consultation Only)


Do-It-Yourself Home Styling


One-Room Home Styling


Multi-Room Home Styling


Complete Home Styling

Add Ons

These add on options can further compliment your chosen Home Styling solution:


Bespoke Styling Bundles


Repairs and Maintenance



All Home Styling packages include a FREE Gift.  

For more information on any of these Home Styling solutions, simply contact Harmonia At Home on 0407 769 354 or info@harmoniaathome.com.au